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Drawing and painting courses with Anna Afanasyeva

Drawing and painting courses with Anna Afanasyeva

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How many classes?

Have you always thought that painting and academic drawing are difficult?

With our wonderful teacher-artist Anna Afanasyeva, it is not only easy, but also very interesting!

Each of our teaching artists has their own unique teaching program!

Anna Afanasyeva's program:

1. Introduction to the class, drawing of an animal (dog). Students learn the basic principles of composition, pastel technique, and how to depict the animal's fur with strokes. At the end of the lesson, the student has a full-fledged, finished work that will decorate any interior (1 lesson).
2. Still life with oil/acrylic. Analysis of works by Cezanne with apples or Van Gogh with sunflowers, mastering technique, exploring stroke variety, color mixing, understanding color harmony (2 lessons).
3. Drawing the structure of the cube in 30 minutes4. Landscape with perspective painting, copy by American artist Edward Hopper (3 lessons).
5. Drawing a half-turn self-portrait with pencils on tinted paper. 1 lesson.
6. Portrait painting (3 lessons).
7. Figure Painting in Landscape/Interior (4 lessons).

In the training program, you will learn:

  • Basic Principles of Drawing
  • Perspective
  • Structure of Items
  • hatching
  • the laws of light and color

Anna is a professional artist whose works are in several private collections in Latvia and Europe. Thanks to her education in Latvia and Italy, Anna is able to simply talk about the secrets of drawing and painting, and teach people with any level of training.

Admission to the group is open weekly:

  • 1 group  on Wednesdays: 17:00-19:00 *Anna Afanasyeva

*The course is taught by Latvian artist Anna Afanasieva / Art Academy of Latvia, in Latvian/Russian.

For classes you need to take:

Paint colors:

  • White zinc (more covering)
  • Yellow (warm)
  • Ocher
  • Ultramarine
  • Sky blue, rex blue,
  • Emerald green
  • Herbal green, 3K company
  • Red (warm), bright red
  • Intense red (kraplak red)
  • Umber
  • Black
  • large, approximately size 20 (optional)
  • medium, about size 10
  • small, size 4
  • very small, size 1-2
Apron, turpentine (unscented), turpentine container, palette, fabric or paper towels, canvas.


SPECIAL PRICES for subscriptions:

Single visit in a group 1 payment of €25.00 per lesson
1 month subscription (4 lessons) 1 payment €80.00 (€20.00 per lesson)
2-month subscription (8 lessons)* 2 payments of €76.00 (€19.00 per lesson)
3-month subscription (12 lessons)* 3 payments of €72.00 (€18.00 per lesson)
4-month subscription (16 lessons)* 4 payments of €68.00 (€17.00 per lesson)
5 mēnešu abonements (20 nodarbības)* 5-month subscription (20 lessons)*

*During the subscription period, your credit card will be automatically charged for the next 4 lessons every 4 weeks.

  • payment in the amount of 100% by transfer or through the website;
  • subscription reserves a place in the group, payment is not returned;
  • subscriptions are available from 8 to 20 lessons with the option of paying monthly for just 4 lessons - the longer the subscription period, the lower the cost of lessons;
  • the subscription allows you to carry over 1 missed lesson per month free of charge by agreeing on the date and time in advance. If you are not coming to the class, you must notify the studio at least 24 hours before the start of the class by writing to the e-mail address;
  • if more than 1 lesson per month is missed during the subscription, the studio must present a text message from the doctor to transfer the lesson free of charge;
  • missed classes, about which the studio was not informed, are considered used and cannot be transferred;
  • in case you do not want to extend the subscription and after some time you want to renew it, the place in the group is on request and not guaranteed;
  • all materials must be purchased by yourself and are not included in the price;
  • you need to come to the studio 10 minutes before the start of the lesson;
  • for marketing purposes, video and photo shooting may take place in the studio, during classes - if you do not want to film you or your work, please notify the studio employee in advance;
  • when working with paint and/or other smearing materials, please dress appropriately for the job, treat the workplace with care, leave the studio and its related premises clean after yourself.

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Ludmila Obrazcova

Zīmēšanas un gleznošanas kursi ar Annu Afanasjevu


Anna ir brīnišķīga, talantīga un atzīta māksliniece, kura pret saviem skolniekiem ir ļoti atbalstoša un iecietīga. Vienmēr gribās iet uz nodarbību pie Annas:)

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