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Create under the summer sun: "Art without borders" with Dzintars Kalnins - groups on Thursdays at 10:00 and 18:30

Create under the summer sun: "Art without borders" with Dzintars Kalnins - groups on Thursdays at 10:00 and 18:30

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Create under the summer sun. Promotion until 30.06.2024 23:00

Price for 4 lessons:

1 month subscription (4 lessons) a 56.00€ (14.00€ per lesson)


Admission to the group is open every week:

  • group on Thursdays:    10:00-12:00 *Dzintars Kalnins
  • group on Thursdays:    18:30-20:30 *Dzintars Kalnins

In the course, you will not only learn to draw beautifully and correctly, but you will also experience the process by tapping into your creative self. Feel the fine line when it is no longer you as the artist who paints the picture, but the picture determines your direction.

Dzintars Kalnins will help you learn drawing and painting techniques and various styles. From realism to works of fantasy.

The goal of the course is to learn to see art in the depths of your subconscious, rather than in the surrounding factors. The artist will learn to paint pictures without sketches and models in front of the eyes, helping to express oneself and look beyond the ordinary.

Each of our artist-teachers has their unique teaching program!

Dzintars Kalnins's course for learning the basics of expressionism:

Don't be afraid of colors, canvas, and mistakes. Be brave enough to meet your subconscious parallels.

1. Lesson – introduction. Technical drawing with a pencil
(perspective, ellipse, sphere, cylinder, stroke, light and shadow)
2.-4. Lessons - starting work based on the basic principles of expressionism.

If you continue the course, then:

2.-12. Lessons – learning various painting techniques used in expressionism
5.-8. Lessons - slightly altering the starting conditions of a new piece, such as the priming technique, choosing a composition, or the feel of the subject)
9.-11. Lessons – analysis of the work of a famous expressionist (optional), and creating replicas.
12.-24. Lessons – learning and mixing different applied painting techniques.

Blending painting and priming techniques. Development of spontaneity. Direction in style and mood. Independent completion of 3 – 4 art works

Dzintars Kalnins lived in England and Germany for 12 years, taught painting abroad, is a member of European artists' clubs, actively participates in exhibitions, his works are successfully sold in European galleries.

Having returned to Latvia, the artist is ready to share his knowledge, vision and experience. Dzintars Kalnins's works are imbued with subtle irony, childhood dreams and mature philosophy, they plunge into the world of illusions, fantasy and the subconscious.

*The course is taught by Latvian artist Dzintars Kalnins in Latvian/English/Russian.


  • payment in the amount of 100% by transfer or through the website;
  • subscription reserves a place in the group, payment is not returned;
  • subscriptions are available from 8 to 20 lessons with the option of paying monthly for just 4 lessons - the longer the subscription period, the lower the cost of lessons;
  • the subscription allows you to carry over 1 missed lesson per month free of charge by agreeing on the date and time in advance. If you are not coming to the class, you must notify the studio at least 24 hours before the start of the class by writing to the e-mail address;
  • if more than 1 lesson per month is missed during the subscription, the studio must present a text message from the doctor to transfer the lesson free of charge;
  • missed classes, about which the studio was not informed, are considered used and cannot be transferred;
  • in case you do not want to extend the subscription and after some time you want to renew it, the place in the group is on request and not guaranteed;
  • all materials must be purchased by yourself and are not included in the price;
  • you need to come to the studio 10 minutes before the start of the lesson;
  • for marketing purposes, video and photo shooting may take place in the studio, during classes - if you do not want to film you or your work, please notify the studio employee in advance;
  • when working with paint and/or other smearing materials, please dress appropriately for the job, treat the workplace with care, leave the studio and its related premises clean after yourself.

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